FOG Issues and Septic Tank Struggles During Winter Months

Septic TankOne always expects the septic tank system to perform at its best under the earth.

The peak performance offers peace of mind as the day can be ruined by blockages, sludge build-up due to septic tank failure, and other problems such as foul odour from your backyard.

Nobody wants a septic tank-induced headache, especially during the holiday season.

Yet your septic tank is under extreme stress during the cold winter months. Several factors affect the functioning of a septic tank. On top of the list are fat, oils & grease problems.

Before knowing how FOG triggers septic tank failure, we need to delve into how the septic tank system works.

Any kind of waste goes down the drain and enters the septic tank. Ideally, not only does the septic tank store waste, but the organic matter contained in it is aggressively degraded by millions of beneficial microorganisms.

The biological degradation produces by-products in the form of carbon dioxide and water. The effluent goes out, and solid waste settles down to the bottom afterward, creating sludge.

The winter months bring with them a lot of septic tank problems. More people stay back at home during the holidays, and several visitors visit as well.

There’s a lot of cooking done, and during this time, the use of oil rises too. This results in an additional amount of waste and more fats, oils, and grease being produced.

FOG Issues

Fats, oils, and greases are commonly used at home or collectively referred to as FOG from products such as butter, cheese, milk, vegetable oil, cooking oils, gravy, mayonnaise, etc.

FOG changes its physical state from liquid form to solid during the winter months. It causes caking in the septic tank system where FOG hardens and becomes encrusted on the surface of various components.

As the effluent is unable to drain out of the system, this may cause the system to choke.

Moreover, in the septic tank system, it cuts off the dissolved oxygen. The lack of dissolved oxygen disrupts the first two stages of anaerobic digestion, which are necessary for organic matter to be successfully degraded.

It further contributes to the accumulation of organic matter in the system and creates blockages.

Microorganisms During Winter Months

Microorganisms living in the environment of septic tanks are very temperature-sensitive. In cold winter months, the performance of microbes either slows down or stops entirely.

Thus, when there is a lack of metabolic heat due to weak microbial communities, the battle against septic tanks is further compounded.

This can cause the septic tank treatment to be completely disrupted. It is therefore necessary to take special care of the septic tank and to avoid problems with the septic tank during the winter season.

This can be done by the use of new septic tank treatment innovations and solutions that are both natural and eco-friendly.

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with the best solutions for septic tank treatment and maintenance.

Bioclean Septic Plus is an advanced 5X power product that, during the winter months, helps in the degradation of fats, oils, and grease.

It prevents choking and removes the foul odour from the septic tank. With Bioclean Septic Plus, maintaining the efficiency of the septic tank system in cold weather is easy to use and cost-effective.

Post by Kiranjyot