Organic Cleaning Solutions & Enzyme Based Cleaners For Commercial Spaces

Businesses everywhere are actively doing their bit to save the world for future generations.

We’re making it easy for them. Our solutions for commercial spaces including hotels, restaurants, offices and malls are thoughtful, all-natural, people and environment friendly alternatives to standard products available in the market.
Our solutions are the result of years of research and the ingenious application of microbe technology to develop enzyme based cleaners for everyday problems. Protect your employees, customers, guests and the environment with Organica and a little help from nature.


Organic Floor cleaner that can be used for all kinds of flooring.

Organic and natural Degreaser to degrade stubborn deposits of fats, oils and grease.

Degrades uric acid and organic waste deposits in urinal drain lines.

Enzyme-based formulation degrades fats, oils and other organic deposits in kitchen drains.

Water-based organic formulation ideal for all types of glass.

Organic toilet cleaner, Eco friendly and non-corrosive formulation.

Organic formulation that can be used for cleaning floors and surfaces.

Organic toilet odor eliminator, eliminates washroom odours at source.

Beneficial enzymes that loosens stains and removes them effectively.

Converts any urinal into a waterless urinal.

Natural Alternative to Conventional Dishwash Liquid

Premium Sanitising Liquid Soap

An organic soap formulation, enriched with essential oils, that gives 99.9% protection against germs.

An organic soap formulation that can be used in all the washrooms in offices, hotels, guest rooms, banquets, food malls, institutes, etc

The switch to natural enzyme based cleaners has never been easier. Ingredients in conventional cleaning products used to maintain commercial spaces like hotels, offices, restaurants, malls and other public spaces are not always safe. Scientists suggest that chemicals used in cleaning products are a primary source of indoor and outdoor pollution. Many cleaning agents released into the environment, biodegrade slowly or incompletely, posing a risk of water supply contamination. Our OB Care range of organic, natural enzyme-based cleaner solutions for commercial spaces are made from extracts of corn, vegetable oils and plant-based ingredients. With a pH factor between 6-7, they are 100% safe for cleaning crews, staff and the environment. With OB Care, you harness the goodness of nature for superior, effective cleaning also safe to use on fixtures and your property. Our range includes general and kitchen cleaning solutions, washroom cleaning and odour control solutions. They address a range of problems from clogged drains and pipes, effective degradation of waste, odour control, prevention of reverse gases, septic tank health, repel kitchen and drain flies, oil and fat deposit breakdown for grease strap cleaning, hard water stains removal, dirt elimination. They are non-corrosive and non-acidic and all-natural.


Where can OB Care cleaning products be used?

OB Care solutions are designed specifically to meet the cleaning requirements of commercial spaces. They can be used in Corporate offices, Malls, Theatres, Clubs & Banquet Halls, Exhibition Centres, Temples/ Church / Mosque, Hotels & Restaurant, Hospitals, Banks & Financial Institutions, Airport, Railway Stations, Bus Depots, Amusement Parks, Schools & Colleges and many more.

What cleaning solutions does OB Care provide?

OB Care range has solutions for washroom cleaning and odour control, general cleaning, kitchen cleaning & water-saving. Washroom cleaning and odour control solutions comprise of enzyme based washroom cleaner and odour eliminator, organic toilet cleaner, flushfree urinal spray, urinal drain cleaner. General cleaning products consist of organic floor cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, natural glass cleaner, hard surface stain remover & deep cleaner. Kitchen cleaning solution has kitchen drain cleaner & natural degreaser Water-saving solutions have flushfree urinal spray & urinal drain cleaner, these products help to convert any urinal into a waterless urinal.

How OB Care productsare different from other chemical based commercial cleaning products?

OB Care products are made from extracts of corn, vegetable oil, and other plant-based ingredients. All products are non-toxic, non-corrosive. These products have a pH of 6-7 while human skin has a pH of 5.5, making it safe for daily use. These products have been curated by keeping safety of your property, fixtures & the environment in mind. To read how chemical based cleaning products are harming us click here.

How do OB Care products benefit our ecosystem?

These products are made of 100% bio-degradable ingredients & are free of ammonia, chlorine, bleach which are known to upset the natural micro-flora of sewer system/STP. To read more about how chemical cleaning products are destroying the ecosystem & your septic tank click here.

How does OB care handle washroom odours?

There are multiple sources for washroom odours
as listed below: – Urine & urine spills on floors / walls. – Crystallized uric acid, salts & scaling in drain pipes. – Reusing untreated STP water – Improper Cleaning – Using damp mops / cloths To read more about the solutions for controlling
washroom odours click here.

Does OB Care have any enzyme based cleaners?

Yes, some of the products in the OB care range have enzymes for effective cleaning and odour control. The products are washroom cleaner and odour eliminator, organic toilet cleaner, flushfree urinal spray,
urinal drain cleaner & hard surface stain remover & deep cleaner.