Connecting with Nature

June 5, 2017



World Environment Day 2017’s theme based on “Connecting with Nature” has the sole purpose of bringing people closer to our environment.

We all have witnessed what has happened in Bengaluru, the city once called the ‘garden city’ is facing the wrath of poor waste management.

The heavy showers that lashed the city in the past week have resulted in Varthur Lake foaming. With toxic foam spilling over to the roads, commuters are having a tough time negotiating traffic.

Bengaluru which has seen an increase in population exponentially is now facing a tougher time in managing in disposal of waste.

In this current scenario, it’s not in the hand of the government alone to act on it, the common man needs to give a deeper thought and take responsibility upon themselves.

If the current scenario continues in such a manner it won’t be long before the beautiful ‘garden city’ reduces to ‘garbage city’.

So what’s the solution for it? What needs to be done in the near future? These are the question that needs to be answered and also very soon…

Organica Biotech has been working in the fields of composting, wastewater treatmentsanitation, and agriculture, which can be a potential solution for the future.

With more people moving to an organic way of composting their household waste by themselves, the dependency on chemicals has been reduced.

Thus giving an impetus to themselves in making a change to a better sustainable future and connecting to nature in the process.

Let’s hope this noble initiative leads a change to a formidable Swachh Bharat, as envisioned by the Great Mahatma Gandhi.