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At Organica, we are working to solve the biggest problem of our time – a sustainable future for generations to come. Our solutions are effective, sustainable and responsible.
Our solutions work. Everywhere. Farms, industrial plants, livestock, fruit, sanitation issues, waste management… we have a solution for everything.

The harsh reality of present day cleaners!

The average person is exposed to 62 chemicals every day! And you don’t even have to be employed in a chemical factory! This exposure is from chemicals found in the detergents, floor cleaners and odour eliminators – all found in the safe environs of your own home. Prolonged exposure is detrimental to human health leading to several ailments. When you flush them down the drain, they also find their way into the environment, threatening animal and plant life.

Our OB Care range of cleaning supplies is revolutionising cleaning processes, the eco-friendly way!

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Meet the OB Care range of organic cleaning solutions

Floor Cleaner + Fly Repellent

Specialised formula which not only leaves your floor sparkling clean but also aids in repelling flies.
Can be used for all kinds of flooring, table tops, kitchen taps, etc.

Unique herbal formulation to repel flies
Keeps floors clean and sparkling
Pleasant fragrance

Multipurpose Cleaner

An organic formulation that can be used for cleaning floors and surfaces on a daily basis; it is a single stop solution for maintenance of surfaces.
Can be used for general areas, passages, corridors, cabins, kitchens, washrooms, etc.

Dries quickly without streaks
Effective on greasy and oily surfaces
Mild fragrance

Glass Cleaner

This water-based organic formulation is ideal for all types of glass and helps to remove oil, grease, fingerprint stains and organic residue instantly.
This product can be used for all types of glass, mirrors, windows, glass doors, vinyls, sunmica, T.V. & computer screens, refrigerators, etc.
Available in ready to use form.

Gives streak free finish
Mild degreasing properties
Low foaming formula

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

A bio-based organic cleaner with nano-buster technology. This eco-friendly blend effectively cleans toilets and removes stains, giving your ceramics a fresh and sparkling look.
Can be used in all Indian and western toilet bowls and urinals.
Available in ready to use form.

Gives a fresh, clean and sparkling appearance
Prolonged usage prevents the scale and stain build up
Effective against hard water stains

Restroom Odor Eliminator

This special enzyme based formulation helps to eliminate rest-room odour. Just spray the liquid on all surfaces to eliminate foul restroom odour and give it a pleasant fragrance.
Can be used on walls of the restroom, areas adjoining water closets and in inaccessible corners.
Available in ready to use form.

Immediate deodorising effect
Long lasting action
Unfurls pleasant fragrances, leaving the surroundings fresh

Hard Surface Stain Remover and Deep Cleaner

A potent organic formulation with beneficial enzymes that loosen up stains and remove them effectively. Prolonged usage prevents further build up.
Highly effective on various kinds of surfaces.
Can be used on varied surfaces including surfaces made of tiles, marble, granite, ceramic and glass.
Available in ready to use form.

Highly effective against hard water stains
Non corrosive formula does not damage the surface
Prolonged usage prevents build-up

Kitchen Drain Cleaner

An excellent way to keep drains clogged free and maintain drain lines. This enzymatic product is extremely effective on fats, oils, grease and other organic deposits in kitchen drains.
Its non corrosive formula prevents corrosion of drain lines.
Can be used in kitchen drains and kitchen grease traps.

Degrades Fats, Oils and Grease
Maintains clear drains
Curbs foul odour emanating from drains
Non corrosive


An advanced, biobased, organic formulation to degrade stubborn deposits of fats, oils and grease. It can be used for deep cleaning of greasy/oily surfaces without a trace of any sticky residue. Can be used for cleaning greasy, oily and grimy surfaces, stubborn and dried food on kitchen platforms, chimneys, etc.

Cuts through stubborn oil, grease and grime deposits
Sparkling clean, non-sticky finish
Quick cleaning action

Introducing FlushFree, the urinal revolution

Save water and money, eliminate odour and keep drain lines clear

Toilet flushing results in a loss of 30,000 litres of water year – from each toilet. Over 95% of human waste is liquid. Water used for flushing urine significantly increases the net sewage volume. Using hard water for flushing is not an option as it may form scales leading to blocked drain lines.

Our revolutionary FlushFree urinal care programme can solve all these problems. This technology comprises of two components, “Flushfree Urinal Spray”and “Urinal Drain Cleaner”. An amalgamation of both these components can revolutionize the toilet cleaning process. Using FlushFree waterless urinals leads to a marked reduction in consumption of fresh water for flushing and also in the corresponding volume of sewage. And conventional toilets can be converted to waterless urinals without any major structural modifications.

Please use the button below to request more information about FlushFree and find out how you can save at least 30000 litres of water every year at your offices.


  • Praveen Charde, Founder, Water Care Technologies, Nagpur

    We faced severe foul odour issues in a sewage treatment plant we supplied for a hospital in Yavatmal. We used Cleanmaxx G65 and it worked wonders on the foul odours within 15 days. The technology is easy to use and very good value for money. We would strongly recommend Organica Biotech.

  • Lijesh J, Kerala

    The size of my septic tank is 1000 gallons. Initially, I faced numerous issues with my septic tank like generation of foul odour and need of frequent suctioning. However, these issues were resolved once I commenced with the use of Bioclean Septic. I have been using this product for nearly 2 years and it has given me excellent results in terms of maximum odour control and sludge degradation.

  • Pramod Patel, GM Adm & Env, Bilag Industries

    We are using Bioclean in our ETP since the last 2 years. It has helped improve the performance of Bioreactors. Discharge from our secondary treatment has improved. Bioclean helps in quick stabilization of the plant and restores any plant upsets quickly.

  • Shrikant Shiravalkar, CiplaWe have been using Organica's Bioclean product in our ETP. We have seen improvement in the performance of our ETP. Discharge from our secondary treatment has improved and observed a reduction in COD.
  • S.R. Satpute, Manager Tech, Deepak Nitrite

    We have been using Organica's Bioclean product in our ETP. We have seen significant improvement in the performance of our ETP. It has helped us in maintaining norms as per the statutory requirements. We have also noticed it is resistant to shock loads.

  • P. P. Lal Krishna, GM Environment, Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

    We have been using Bioclean for the past four years, which has kept the performance of our plant incredibly smooth. We have noticed a considerable reduction of foaming during the treatment of our wastewater which used to be a big nuisance. There has been a reduction of our pollution parameters and reduction in odour. Bioclean is an excellent product for complex wastewater treatment.

  • Pradip Kundu, QC Manager, PepsiCo

    We are using Organica's Bioclean in our ETP and have experience significant improvement in the performance of our ETP. There has been up to 95% COD reduction, improvement in the biomass quality and odour control. The treated water is much clearer with lower TSS. We are better able to meet all statutory norms.

  • Ramesh, PSV Seafoods

    We are using Organica's CleanMaxx and Bioclean in our ETP and have seen significant improvement in the performance of our ETP in terms of COD/BOD reduction and odour control. Shock loads are handled very well. There has also been an improvement in the efficiency of the biological system. Support from Organica's experienced and qualified tech team has made the ETP more stable and efficient.

  • Dang Van Viet, Director, Tam Tan Phu, Vietnam

    We have been using Organica's high-tech microbial product Bioclean for solving many critical problems in Vietnam related to industrial and municipal wastewater. Bioclean has always proved to be the best performing product. Previously we have tried using various other products from US and Australia, but Bioclean has surpassed all of them regarding performance and cost-effectiveness. We have been able to lower the pollution parameters within the desired limits along with a reduction in odour and sludge generation to a great extent. Bioclean performs under all kind of environmental and design variations.

  • Ashok, The Alleppey Company Ltd, Kerala

    I have been using Bioclean Aqua Fish for the past seven months in my Koi pond. I have seen a significant difference in algal growth in the pond. The TDS metre reading of water is an indication that this product works well to disperse solids and I can see the bottom of my pond. I used to clean my mechanical filter daily, but after using Bioclean Aqua Fish, weekly cleaning is all that is required. There is an improvement in the feed intake as well.