Celebrating World Water Day With Organica Biotech 

Celebrating World Water Day With Organica Biotech 

Water, without a doubt, is the most vital natural resource on planet earth. Water is related to everything in the world and key for the survival of the human population, animals, plants and the environment.

It is impossible to imagine a world without water. Precious water is at the centre of existence and primarily responsible for food, health, social development, economy and welfare across the globe. Earth is made up of soil, and the water in the soil helps in the production of food. Insufficient water and competition for the same can lead to chaos and wars. The socio-political world is bound up with water, and so does the industries.

According to experts at the United Nations, there would be a 40% shortfall in water availability by the year 2030. It may affect close to 1.8 billion people. In India, according to the government report, around 600 million people are currently facing acute water shortage. Thus, on World Water Day, there is an urgent need to recognize the water scarcity problem plaguing different regions of the world. It is high time to spread awareness, discuss new ideas, innovate new-age solutions and use technology effectively to prevent a world water crisis in the future.

There is an extensive amount of wastewater generated all across the world today. It is believed to be one of the untapped resources which can fulfil the water demand and pave the way for sustainable development. Therefore, it is important to treat wastewater as a valuable resource and implement ways in which it can be turned into something useful like irrigation, energy generation and much more.

In everyday life, people use water for different purposes. Only a few think about where does the water go once it is washed down the drain. Similarly, water is used in large quantities in industries for various processes. Many agricultural activities are carried out using water. All this water mix with waste and reaches the wastewater treatment plant. Thus, efficient and effective wastewater treatment is essential to turn it into something useful.

In a treatment plant, wastewater goes through three stages of treatment; Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. In the primary stage, solid particles present in the wastewater is removed through filters, and it is passed through a sedimentation tank where primary sludge settles.

In the secondary treatment of wastewater, microorganisms are used to break down the organic waste left in the wastewater in the presence or absence of oxygen. This is one of the key treatment stages where the effluent reaches the standards set and can be released into the environment.

Tertiary treatment involves the use of chlorine for disinfection and removes salts. Once the treatment process is complete, water can be used for irrigation or at industries.

The anaerobic biological treatment of wastewater involves the use of microbes to break down waste in the absence of oxygen. In this process, microbes give by-products in the form of carbon dioxide, methane and water. Thus, biogas can be used to produce energy. In this way, we can preserve water as well.

But different factors like rapid urbanization, growing population and increase in agricultural activities have led to a vast amount of wastewater generation. It has put extreme pressure on wastewater treatment plants. The malfunctioning and failure of treatment plants are common as well.

This is where leading companies like Organica Biotech has been working tirelessly for the past decades to develop wastewater treatment solutions. With the vision of a sustainable future for the generation to come, the team of scientists and experts have developed solutions like Cleanmaxx STP. It is a consortium of adaptable microbes that are capable of degrading high organic loads. It can go a long way to turning wastewater into something useful.

Cleanmaxx ANB is another solution that consists of a diverse and concentrated battery of anaerobes. It boosts the productivity of anaerobic wastewater treatment plants. It maximizes the performance by which organic waste is converted into biogas. The biogas production can be used to develop methane and subsequently energy for different purposes.

Another highlight of Organica Biotech products is that they are natural, eco-friendly and effective at the same time. It means they do not harm the environment in any manner.

This World Water Day, you can contribute to the cause by improving the performance of your wastewater treatment plants. The use of Cleanmaxx STP and Cleanmaxx ANB can boost the performance of the plant. This, in turn, will help in recycling water and use it for different purposes. Also, water can be conserved for future generations.

Post by Priyanka Khaire