Blue Dogs In Taloja : Offshoot Of Industrial Waste

Locals spotted several blue dogs in the Taloja industrial area. The dismal story of the pollution of the Kasadi river by industries in the area is the causal heart rending eye-opener. The life of animals, both aquatic and terrestrial is under high risk. The once lively river is now full of untreated harmful waste that has depleted the aquatic life of the river. The number of crabs and fish has drastically fallen down. The major contributors to the raging pollution levels are the dye and chemical industries that are in the proximity of the water body. This is a clear impact of effluents from industries affecting innocent and helpless animals. Social workers and activists striving to save the river since a decade hold the irresponsible behaviour of the industries and the neglect shown by the waste water treatment body as the major cause, and rightly so.

It is noteworthy that several penalties had also been placed on these industries. The lesson is clearly that not only negative deterrents but a clearly positive self oriented personal and community will is necessary to put environmental protection plans to action. The stakes are high and so are the responsibilities.

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Post by Priyanka Khaire