What makes Bio Degreaser for Restaurants & Food Service Best and the Safest?

Those who have expertise in coffee plantation know that various factors contribute to good crop yield. Soil is where the plant growth begins and therefore the management of soil is of high importance. Furthermore, the soil is involved in the supply of necessary nutrients, immunity to fight diseases and prevent even the fungi attack on coffee plants.

With lockdown, social distancing and quarantine measures in place due to COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending more time at home. This can put pressure on the septic tank system at your home. An efficiently working septic tank system can manage and treat the waste generated by a household. Embrace peace of mind by using Bioclean® Septic or Bioclean® Septic Plus and help your septic tank to work at its best always.

A waterless bio-toilet is one of the best alternatives which can help in the conservation of water. Besides, it can prevent environmental pollution caused by pollutants from human waste and untreated wastewater.
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the nation-wide cleaning campaign also aims to achieve and promote Open Defecation Free – ODF + and ODF++ status to every corner of the country. Eco-friendly bio-toilets, biodigester are an inexpensive and better alternative to traditional means of waste disposal. It can also provide easy toilet access to more people in the future.

Wastewater which contains a large amount of toxic chemical is treated well before releasing it into the environment to prevent harm to humans, animals and plants. The anaerobic process is one of the most effective and efficient biological processes for the treatment of wastewater where micro-organisms are used to degrade the organic matter. The process is undertaken in the absence of oxygen.

Without proper wastewater treatment, it disturbs the environment as it is highly harmful to humans, animals and plant ecosystem. Therefore, the primary objective of the wastewater treatment process is to dispose of the wastewater into the surrounding without causing any damage to human health as well as the environment.

Excessive chemical usage and misinformed farming practices have a drastic effect on our natural resources as well the quality and quantity of yield that most farmers achieve today. For the past two decades, Organica Biotech with world-class experience and extensive research have developed solutions for sustainable farming, plant growth and soil conditioning. The high quality, eco-friendly and innovative products help to increase yield and productivity under optimal and sub-optimal conditions.

Aromatic, full of flavour and a favourite for many, Vanilla is one of the most loved and popular flavours in the world. It is well known for flavouring ice creams and soft drinks.
Along with food types like coffee, chocolate chip cookies, custard and yoghurt, it is found in cosmetics, scents, soaps, and a wide range of perfumes as well. Vanilla is ubiquitous and an indispensable part of our lives.