Manual Scavenging

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world”

-John Muir

We often wonder of the world beyond our skies, heavenly bodies and extra terrestrial life; but we seldom stop and think of the bountiful universe beneath our feet. We have this universe to thank, for the food we eat, the clean air we breathe, quite literally for our very existence. Along with organic matter, decaying material and inorganic components of the soil, are present billions of lively microbes that are responsible for the continuos replenishment of our soils.

The word ‘bacteria’ generally is always coupled with a negative connotation in day to day life. This is because bacteria are mostly associated with diseases that afflict us. However, there exist a plethora of bacteria which are highly beneficial and crucial to the existence of mankind. . We have failed to realize their significance, their positive impact on our life and their contribution towards sustaining life on earth since the beginning of time.

Sanitation is a vital part of human everyday life. We need to perform our bodily ablutions as a matter of routine, physiological processes to eliminate the waste from our body. Urine and feces are the end products of our metabolism. It is, however, also very important to properly dispose off this bodily waste, for both aesthetic and health reasons. Properly disposed off feces and urine ensure a clean, odorless environment, as well as prevent diseases due to microbes, like fecal coliform bacteria.

People across the world are debating the existence and effects of climate change, even when its impact is already evident. The use of renewable energy is the most logical solution to tackle climate change. Anaerobic digestion and biogas generation both provide us the platform to tackle multiple environmental issues such as solid waste management, carbon emission, and energy crisis, and also contribute in lowering the adverse impact of climate change.

Access to clean toilets, with running water, electricity and sewerage connection, is a major issue for women and girls in India. Despite the fact that urination and defecation are basic bodily functions, 70% of households in rural and urban slums lack access to functioning toilets. 60% of the country still defecates in the open, with consequences ranging from polluted water bringing fatal infections to the women and children using it, to women carrying extreme risk of being sexually assaulted.

The young carp was caught in a pond of fish farm where they breed
There has been tremendous growth of aquaculture industry in recent times. Though, such industries enable controlled growth and close monitoring of the growth, they require lot of financial inputs for procurement of good quality seed, maintenance of growth conditions and disease control & management. The lators adds most to the total expenditure of the industry.