Biological treatment is the heart of every wastewater treatment facility where nearly 80-85% of pollutant degradation takes place. The success of any biological treatment process depends on the establishment and maintenance of effective micro and macro fauna in the biological treatment unit. Choosing the right microbial consortium for effective degradation of pollutants within a wastewater treatment plant is especially critical. Our Biosure and Biocheck effluent analysis services help you assess the biological and chemical health of industrial effluent waters.

Biosure validates the efficiency of our biological treatment solution with your effluent and offers an in-depth physicochemical and microbiological analysis of untreated and treated effluent.

Biocheck gives you in-depth microbiological load & diversity analysis of effluent biomass and analyses the efficiency of your existing secondary treatment system.

And because we are celebrating India’s Independence Day, these tests won’t cost you a dime. That’s right. We’re giving you our advanced Biosure & Biocheck services ABSOLUTELY FREE for a whole month. Fill in the form and schedule a test today. Offer valid till September 15, 2019 only.

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