Biofloc Fish Farming In India

Biofloc Fish Farming

Fish, a rich source of protein, minerals and other nutrients is an integral part of dietary habits of people living in different parts of India. Aquaculture and Captured fisheries are the main sources of fish supply. India is one of the leading countries and major contributors to aquaculture production.

High productivity and sustainable fish farming is the need of the hour in the fisheries industry. Price, pollution in water and preventing disease outbreaks are some of the challenges which need to be resolved. Biofloc fish farming is one of the best available methods today which is helping fish farmers to attain a wide range of objectives such as high output, low cost, sustainable growth, better income opportunities, less area, less maintenance cost etc.

Fish Feed

In traditional fish farming methods, fish consumes very little amount of feed supplied to them in the water. The wasted feed degrades and turns into toxic metabolites. It pollutes the water and affects the surrounding environment with the stench it emanates as well.

The feed is an essential part of fish farming. Every day a regular amount of feed is necessary for the growth and development of the fish. Acquiring feed is expensive and the wasted feed is thus a loss for farmers.

In Biofloc fish farming system, wasted feed as well as fish excreta in the water ecosystem, is converted into the feed which can be consumed by the fish. The combination of microorganism, fungi, algae etc. forms a biofloc which absorbs inorganic waste and enhances water quality. The problem of water pollution is thus solved in this manner. Moreover, the fish farmers can save money on feed and it is readily available as well.


In open pond fish farming method, expensive water exchange systems are used to replace the polluted water with fresh water. Otherwise, disease outbreaks from exposure to pathogens and toxic organics and fish kills leading to financial loss for farmers.

With biofloc system, probiotics or microbes are used which ably promote specific immunity in species like shrimps and reduces pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, water exchange system and the related operational costs are avoided. Thus, Biofloc fish farming is sustainable and provides maximum productivity. Plus, it is eco-friendly and boosts growth of fisheries industry .

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Biofloc fish farming in India

Different Indian states have started to use the biofloc system to enhance fish/shrimp farming output, boost quality and help fish farmers gain more in the process.

Odisha’s Fisheries and Animal Resources recently announced the use of biofloc fish farming technology for boosting aquaculture in Odisha.

The biofloc system is an innovative system where fish can be produced in artificial tanks with high densities. It requires much lesser space than the traditional form of fish farming. According to experts an area of 150 to 200 sq-ms along with sufficient water supply is enough to grow 2000 kg of fish in four small tanks. A variety of freshwater fish species like tilapia, carp, magur, anabas, pangasius can be reared easily.

Probiotics or microbes and a carbon source such as molasses act on the organic waste present in the tank water and convert it into products which act as feed for fishes. One of the distinct advantages of the biofloc system in a place like Odisha is that such systems can be installed on terraces and backyards of the fish farmer. Commercially, it can help farmers to sell live or fresh fish to the customer.

The authorities of Fisheries, Animal-Sheep Husbandry, Agriculture, Horticulture and Cooperative is introducing biofloc fish farming technology for the farming community in Jammu & Kashmir.

The high-yield from biofloc fish farming is a viable option and prove to be beneficial when compared to conventional open pond fish farming.

Similarly, the southern state Kerala is aiming to use biofloc technology for self-sufficiency, low-cost, and environment-friendly fish farming.

Biofloc Fish Farming – Biofloc Technology Microbial Formulation


Organica Biotech’s Bioflok is a probiotic formulation which consists of natural and eco-friendly bacteria. It maximizes fish farming productivity by effectively breaking down wastes, promotes healthy flocculation and helps in zero water exchange. Bioflok can help fish farmers in India to enhance water quality, prevent diseases and maximize output without harming the environment.

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