Magicgro Nemacare | Biostimulants For Nematode Control And Management

Biostimulants For Nematode Control And Management
magicgro Nemacare
Nematodes are microscopic parasitic worms, some species of which have been known to cause destruction of crops by attacking crop roots and feeding on their moisture and nutrients. Nematodes are also known to cause loss of vigour in plants, root galls, leaf distortion and general chlorosis and also frequently give rise to secondary infections due to lowered plant immunity. Nematode management is critical during the crucial root development stage. Magic gro NemaCare is a one stop biological solution to controlling nematode populations in farm soils.




1. helps build plant immunity against parasitic nematode populations
2. enhances plant root development and builds plant immunity against biotic stress.


1. helps build plant immunity against parasitic nematode populations
2. enhances plant root development and builds plant immunity against biotic stress.

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After using Magic Gro, my cotton yield has increased to 15 quintals/acre. The cotton is of better quality, and the plants are healthy and green.
Satish Barbade, Farmer in Amravati

My banana farm was experiencing the dreaded Sigatoka disease that causes fungus and spots on the leaf area. I came across Magic Gro which not only reduced spots but improved overall fruit and plant health. Now my plantation is said to be the best in the district. I am thrilled with the results shown by Magic Gro.
Vasant Patil, Farmer in Jalgaon

We used Magic Gro consistently for three years without any interference and the result: green and healthy crops. Grapes grew to their fullest bloom, and their quality was excellent. We experienced better immunity and excellent growth. Even the chilling cold did not have any adverse impact.
Subhash Awadh, Farmer in Nashik


Can Nemacare only to be used for organic farming?

On the contrary,Nemacare is the perfect product if you wish to prevent a nematode infestation in sustainable farming. Even if you use chemical inputs, the use of Nemacare can reduce your dependancy on chemicals required to control nematode infestation.

What are the benefits of Nemacare?

Not only does Nemacare repel pathogenic nematodes from the plant rhizosphere but also acts as natural biostimulant and can have multiple benefits on your crop. Nemacare improves root growth and thickening making them less susceptible to pathogen attack, therefor acting as a biostimulant as well. Nemacare contains a blend of microorganisms for defense as well as plant growth promoters to improve the health of your crop’s rhizospheric region.

How do I use Nemacare?

Nemacare is a biostimulant that can be used by drip irrigation or drenching.

Can I use Nemacare for all crops? At what stage of growth should it be used?

Yes, you can use Nemacare for all crops. Nemacare must be applied such that it covers the entire rhizospheric region of the plant. During periods of nematode infestation, Nemacare must be used on a regular basis. The product acts as a biostimulant and spurs growth rate, improves immunity and reduces stress, naturally equipping the crop to defend itself against nematode attack.

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