Microbial biostimulant for Potash Mobilisation

magicgro KMB
Potassium is one of the three major crop macronutrients that influences crop yields, crop quality and other aspects of plant vigor and nutrition. It plays a major role in photosynthesis, drought tolerance and disease resistance. Of the total potassium content in soil, 98% exists in bound/ mineral form, while only 2% is soluble/available. The mineral form of potassium can only be taken up by the plant if it is mobilised by potash mobilising bacteria that senses a depletion in available potassium and produces organic acids to convert it into soluble form. Magic Gro KMB is a proprietary blend of potash mobilising bacteria that colonise the plant rhizosphere and provide the plant with soluble potash.




1. enhances potassium uptake by crops
2. increases root growth & proliferation
3. activates enzymes involved in plant growth promotion.


1. enhances potassium uptake by crops
2. increases root growth & proliferation
3. activates enzymes involved in plant growth promotion.

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After using Magic Gro, my cotton yield has increased to 15 quintals/acre. The cotton is of better quality, and the plants are healthy and green.
Satish Barbade, Farmer in Amravati

My banana farm was experiencing the dreaded Sigatoka disease that causes fungus and spots on the leaf area. I came across Magic Gro which not only reduced spots but improved overall fruit and plant health. Now my plantation is said to be the best in the district. I am thrilled with the results shown by Magic Gro.
Vasant Patil, Farmer in Jalgaon

We used Magic Gro consistently for three years without any interference and the result: green and healthy crops. Grapes grew to their fullest bloom, and their quality was excellent. We experienced better immunity and excellent growth. Even the chilling cold did not have any adverse impact.
Subhash Awadh, Farmer in Nashik


How does Magicgro KMB help in the uptake of potash?

Magicgro KMB is great for sustainable farming practices of all kinds. If you use chemical inputs for potash supplementation, the use of Magicgro KMB is crucial for the uptake of potash into the plant root system. The microbial plant growth promoters in Magicgro KMB produce natural organic acids and enzymes that convert potash into bioavailable form thereby improving the nutrient assimilation efficiency of your crop.

What are the benefits of Magicgro KMB ?

Magicgro KMB enhances potassium uptake by crops. It acts as a biostimulant as it increases root proliferation and activates enzymes involved in plant growth promotion. The uptake of potash mediated by biostimulants like Magicgro KMB can help the crop strengthen stalks, and improve nutrient assimilation making it a potent biostimulant.

How do I use Magicgro KMB?

Magicgro KMB is a biostimulant that can be used by drip irrigation or drenching.

Can I use Magicgro KMB for all crops? At what stage of growth should it be used?

Yes, you can use Magicgro KMB for all crops. Biostimulants like Magicgro KMB must be used before and during the periods at which crops especially require heightened potash uptake. Magicgro KMB acts as a biostimulant and can be used all year round to maintain the population of potash mobilisers in your soil as well.

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