Solutions For Human and Kitchen Waste

Solid waste management is reaching crisis levels everywhere and people are increasingly looking for solutions to manage this at home.

We have the answers they need. Our solutions allow you to compost your waste and keep your septic tank healthy, not only allowing you to minimise your organic waste but also reduce the strain on environment and civic infrastructure. Our solutions are thoughtful, all-natural, people and environment friendly alternatives to standard products available in the market. They are the result of years of research and the ingenious application of microbe technology and nature’s forgotten secrets to everyday problems.



Robust Septic Tank Treatment Product for Efficient & Hassle Free Fecal Sludge Management


Organic Compost Maker to help you in making odour free compost at home

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Powerful microbial compost maker for efficient solid waste management

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What is treatment of kitchen waste and human waste?

Kitchen waste is all the waste that is generated in the kitchen in the form of vegetable & fruit peels, food and cereal waste, etc. These can be treated at source by using home composting techniques
to generate nutrient rich compost. Human waste can be treated either in septic tanks or at a centralized sewage treatment plant. These techniques degrade the human waste and release the treated matter.

How can you treat the human and kitchen waste at your homes?

Home composting and septic tank treatmentare the solutions for treating your human and kitchen waste at your home. These solutions can help you to manage the waste at the individual and community level.

What is solid waste management?

Solid waste management is the process of collecting, treating and disposing of solid wastes. It is a process that is necessary to keep our environment clean and safe.

How can human waste be treated in a septic tank?

Septic tanks are used to treat human waste
when there is no access to a sewerage system. The microbes present in the septic tank degrade the waste. It is recommended to use septic tank cleaning products to maintain the microbial load in the septic tank. Regular maintenance using septic tank treatmentproducts keep the septic tank trouble-free.

How does microbial technology help in treating human and kitchen waste?

Innovations in microbial technology have led to identifying strains of beneficial microbes that help in degrading organic waste. A consortium of effective microbes in the form of septic tank enzymes help in septic tank cleaning.
Similarly, a set of microbes identified for solid waste management help in degrading waste for making compost.

What is organic compost good for?

Organic compost is good for gardening & agricultural purposes.

What is the best compost for a garden?

The best compost for the gardens is the manure obtained from home composting. Since it contains fruit and vegetable waste, tea bags and grass or plant cuttings from landscaping which makes great composting materials.

How do you fix a smelly compost bin?

You can fix a smelly compost bin by maintaining a balance between carbon to nitrogen content in the bin or by using SoilMate compost maker whose odour busting technology eliminates the odour.

How to clean septic tank naturally?

Bioclean Septic restores the health of septic tanks naturally, using a specially formulated robust strain of microbes that effectively and optimally degrades organic waste and blockages in drain pipes, gravel leach pits and porous stone walls, while also curbing foul odours.

What to put in septic tank to break down solids?

Use Bioclean Septic, a highly concentrated microbial mix of scientifically selected beneficial bacteria that can break down organic biodegradable waste that enters your septic tank, making it an effective septic tank cleaner.

How to clean septic tank without opening?

Monthly usage of septic tank cleaner restores the balance of bacteria in the septic tank and enhances the sludge degradation process and keeps septic tank clean & odour free.

What to use to clean septic tank?

Bioclean Septic is an all-natural way to improve the health of your septic tank. This special strain of microbes is able to degrade organic waste and blockages in drain pipes. It also controls foul odour.

How to clean a septic tank?

Bioclean Septic is a natural way to restore the health of your septic tank. It uses a specially formulated strain of microbes that degrade organic waste, blockages in drain pipes and clay leach recesses, and also controls foul odour.