Bioclean BD for Fecal Sludge Management

Bioclean® BD is a natural microbial treatment enzyme that contains specially designed high enzyme producing bacteria that are capable of completely degrading fecal matter in the septic tanks, biodigester tank, soak pit, pit latrines, twin pit latrines and mobile toilet van. Their uniqueness lies in their robust activity in harsh climatic conditions as well. Bioclean® BD curbs foul odour by inhibiting the growth of H2S and ammonia producing bacteria. Its pathogen combating technology naturally controls the prevalence of pathogens and reduces Fecal colifrom levels. This biodigester enzyme degrades organic blockages in drain pipes, thus resolving your overflow and backflow issues.


1. Speeds up faecal matter breakdown, minimises sludge build-up.
2. Can handle heavy loads, prevent choke ups and emanation of bad odours from your tank.
3. This biodigester bacteria suppresses the propagation of disease-causing germs
mobile toilet


Bioclean Biodigestor is perfectly suitable for IHHL , PT, CT. It is mobile, flexible, easy to transport and has an easy one time installation. Installations with Bioclean Biodigestor have low Capital Expenditure & very low Operating Expenditure. The biodigestor body is made from non corrosive material and designed to create a clog free system. The three part compartmentalization ensures that the bacteria have sufficient time to degrade the waste completely before septage exits the biodigestor.

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What is Bioclean BD microbial culture used for fecal sludge management?

Bioclean BD is an all-natural, biotech based innovative solution for Sanitation problems Recommended by Dr. Mashelkar Committee, Ministry of Drinking water and Sanitation, Govt. of India. Bioclean BD contains no toxic chemical ingredients and is a concentration of selected proprietary naturally occurring microbes, active enzymes and bio chemical accelerators. This biodigester bacteria solution destroys organic pollutants in the waste stream and pollutants accumulated in the organic sludge in the Bioclean Biodigester tank/community toilets/septic tanks. It is a practical solution that aids in the improvement of water quality and fecal sludge management.

Do you have any recommendation from the Central Government of India for Bioclean BD microbial culture used for fecal sludge management?

Yes, our Advance Microbial culture Bioclean BD is recommended technology by Dr. Mashelkar Committee, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Central Govt. Of India in the category of Innovative solution for Sanitation as mentioned in point no.12in the below link ( )

I have purchased 1 Kg Bioclean BD, how can I use it for effective fecal sludge management?

1 kg of Bioclean BD has to be mixed in 5 lit of water and is to be poured directly in the toilet seat. It is an ideal solution for fecal sludge management.

What is the shelf life of Bioclean BD bacteria used for fecal sludge management?

Bioclean BD has a shelf life of 2 years and does not require any specific storage conditions.

How can Bioclean BD used in Community Toilets/Portable toilet/Biodigester tanks help in fecal sludge management?

The human faecal sludge is made up of organic matter. Our robust micro-organisms present in Bioclean BD are naturally selected to work upon human solid waste and convert it into harmless byproducts. The conversion carried out along with foul odour elimination helps in fecal sludge management.

Along with fecal sludge management, does Bioclean BD help in odour control ?

Yes, Bioclean BD helps in controlling odour. Micro-organisms present in Bioclean BD inhibits the growth of sulfur-reducing and sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB’s) which are commonly found in human feces. Due to these inhibitions there is a reduction in production of H2S which is mainly responsible for the foul odour.

Does extreme cold and extreme hot range of temperatures change affect the activity of Bioclean BD for fecal sludge management?

Microbes present in Bioclean BD consists of combination of psychrotrophic and Mesophilic bacteria because of which Bioclean BD can work in extreme cold and hot climatic conditions from 5 degree celcius to 45 degree celcius and serve its activity of fecal sludge management at normal as well as extreme tempratures.

What are the different application areas where Bioclean BD can function for fecal sludge management?

The main purpose of Bioclean BD microbial culture is to set up an On-site sanitation system i.e degrade human faecal matter and convert it into water and gas, thus it can be used in septic tanks, community toilets, public toilets, leach pit, soak pit , pit latrines and twin pit latrines.

How economical is usage of Bioclean BD microbial cultures for fecal sludge management?

Based on our past experience the treatment and maintenance cost per usage varies from 0.1829 INR to 1.829 INR based on the number of usages and the volume of the bio digester or the septic tank.

How can Biotoilets help is effective fecal sludge Management ?

Biotoilet consisting of Advanced microbial technology Bioclean BD can help in fecal sludge management and help decompose fecal matter along with other organic waste.

Do you have any past experience and case studies of Bioclean BD with successful fecal sludge management?

Bioclean BD have been successfully utilized at major religious organizations, Defence Organizations, Municipal Corporations, Municipal councils, Multiple Construction sites, NGO’s, Private organizations etc. across India and in varied climatic and geographical conditions.

Can we use the treated water from the Community Toilets/Biodigester Tanks/septic tanks for gardening?

Bioclean BD technology is based on bio-augmentation and bioremediation method of treatment for onsite sanitation systems. A bio-augmentation regimen, introduces superior strains of bacteria on a continual basis to develop a specific bacterial diversity capable of degrading different compounds in the most efficient and effective manner possible inside the Community Toilets/Biodigester Tanks/septic tanks. As fecal sludge management is successfully carried out by Bioclean BD, the treated water can be used for gardening.

Is the Bioclean BD utilized for fecal sludge management organic, eco-friendly and Non-Toxic?

Yes, we have used Bioclean BD in rural areas. This biodigester bacteria has proved effective in its activity of fecal sludge management.

Do you have any third party verification for Bioclean BD, used for fecal sludge management?

Yes, we do have third party verification for Bioclean BD from TISS.

Is Bioclean BD used in rural areas for fecal sludge management?

Yes, we have used Bioclean BD in rural areas. This biodigester bacteria has proved effective in its activity of fecal sludge management.
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