Bio Solutions For Sanitation Management in Government Projects

Municipal bodies are increasingly seeking out cost effective bioremediation solutions with a low environmental footprint.

We have everything they need.

Our technologies are straight out of Nature’s Laboratory and a proven alternative for the effective treatment of wastewater. Our solutions are custom designed to effectively and substantially degrade organic waste. With Organica and a little help from nature, you can reduce sludge volume, implement effective sanitation solutions, curb foul stench and manage solid waste effectively.


Powerful microbial compost maker for efficient solid waste management

Robust microbial formulation for Enhanced Soil and Oil Bioremediation

Robust microbial formulation for maximum efficiency of sewage treatment plant

Proven microbial technology for lake cleaning and restoration

Unique microbial technology for in situ Open Drain treatment

Natural Floor Cleaner to leave your floors clean, hygienic and fragrant

Tough, Compact Biotoilet and Biodigestor Systems