Bio Solutions For Sustainable Agriculture & Organic Farming

Feeding the world’s exponentially growing population demands agricultural strategies that sustain without adversely impacting our fragile ecosystems.

We have the answers.

Our pioneering microbiome enhancement technologies harness the power of nature and biotechnology to restore and nurture soil microbiology. They help plants get a good start, secure nutrients and even help to fend off pests. The natural benefits of microbes represent the next step in the art of agriculture. With Organica and a little help from nature, farmers can increase productivity in an ecological and sustainable way that protects scarce resources for future generations. Our technologies can be used in organic and inorganic farming practices.


Plant Growth Promoter and Soil Conditioner


Can these range of products only to be used for organic farming?

On the contrary, our range of agricultural inputs can be used if you wish to advance towards sustainable farming. Our products are organic microbial inputs that revive and improve the biological fertility of your soil.

What are the benefits of Organica Biotech's organic agriculture inputs?

Apart from being excellent soil conditioners, our products are natural plant growth biostimulants. By strengthening the population and diversity of the microbial flora in your soil rhizosphere, they act as holistic plant growth promoters. They help your crop withstand biotic and abiotic stress, improve plant vitality and increases crop productivity.

Can these products be used for all crops? At what stage of growth should it be used?

Yes, you can use these products for all crops. Biostimulants are most effective when applied during the initiation of the vegetative and reproductive stage of your crop’s growth. Magicgro dripSOL and Magicgro Super are our flagship products that have had many success stories and won us national and international awards over the years.

What products could be used to improve crop nutrient assimilation?

Our triad of biofertilisers Magicgro KMB, Magicgro PSB and Magicgro ZMB are essential to improving the bioassimilation of potassium, phosphorus and zinc in your soil. Our product CAMISOL is a one stop solution to improve secondary nutrient assimilation viz. calcium, magnesium and sulphur.

What sets Organica Biotech's microbial biostimulants apart from other microbial inputs?

Our products have the ability to form and influence the creation of unique protective microbial niche in the plant and soil microbiome and influence it. Magicgro DripSOL They excel in terms of performance reproducibility despite varying geo-climatic conditions. Our specially selected plant growth promoting microorganisms that serve as an armor against various biotic and abiotic stress factors.