Anaerobic Organic Composting: The Way Ahead

Anaerobic organic composting is the new way ahead. With the BMC declaring that it would no more collect wet waste from large housing societies generating more than 50kg of wet waste, this has also become an important local concern.

But, we must not miss out on the fact that composting has existed as a solution for years. The uniqueness that microbial technologies offer is one step ahead of even organic composting – it enables facultative composting to win over natural constraints to a large extent.

The factors that we must take care of in order to make effective composting happen are

  • Segregation of wet waste (organic waste) from other wastes
  • Maintenance of moisture
  • Cyclic turning of the bulk pile

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Composting is more about a behavioral change than about a lack of technical know-how or economic constraints. Thus it is our responsibility both as individuals and citizens of India to take active strides to enable organic composting a trending reality.