Aerobic Treatment of Industrial Wastewater

Top View Image for Aerobic Treatment of Industrial Wastewater in PlantIndustrialization is essential for the growth and development of every country across the globe. However, the rapid increase in the number of industries and related processes can harm the natural environment in different ways.

The industrial effluents comprise of harmful heavy metals, pollutants, organic-laden wastes, and toxic contaminants from industries like food and beverage, chemicals, oil, gas, and others.

Many of the industrial processes utilize a large quantity of water and generate effluent-containing contaminated wastewater.

The subsequent release of wastewater into water resources can damage the environment, and aquatic ecosystem and affect human beings as well as other living beings.

Thus, industrialization is one of the major contributors to the pollution of water resources and the environment. This is where efficient treatment plants are necessary to treat industrial wastewater effectively.

A wastewater treatment plant consists of three stages: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary treatment. In the primary treatment, solid waste, sediments, and substances like oil present in the wastewater are removed using filters and clarifiers.

In the secondary stage, the biological treatment of wastewater is carried out. It involves two processes: aerobic and anaerobic.

In this blog, we will focus on the aerobic treatment of industrial wastewater.

Aerobic treatment is a biological process where microbes play an important role to break down organic waste, industrial wastewater contaminants, and pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorus, present in the wastewater.

This process is carried out in the presence of oxygen. A mechanical aeration device is used to make the environment conducive for microorganisms to perform the degradation process.

Different technologies are used to carry out aerobic treatment of wastewater. Depending on the type of industrial pollutants and chemicals that reach the plant, specialized processes and specific operational procedures are used.

Some of the commonly used systems include Activated Sludge, Fixed-bed Reactors, Moving-bed Reactors, Membrane Bioreactors, and Trickling filters.

The activated sludge process is one of the most widely used systems for industrial wastewater treatment as part of the biological process.

It is often used to treat wastewater containing organic or biodegradable content, generated in pulp and paper mills, food processing units, and other such industries.

Aerobic wastewater treatment is carried out to degrade waste completely and follows the environmental regulations of the area. Additionally, the aim is to dispose of resultant effluent successfully.

The biological treatment process is used worldwide because it is very effective and economical when compared to other physical and chemical processes. At the same time, it is a simple and efficient treatment process.

Due to rapid industrialization, an extensive amount of industrial wastewater is generated. It directly puts immense pressure on the wastewater treatment systems and biological treatment process.

In India, many of the wastewater plants malfunction unable to treat wastewater effectively. The excessive load affects the performance of naturally occurring microbial communities.

The microbes are thus unable to break down the organic waste, pollutants, and toxic chemicals. Low-quality effluent is released into the rivers and ponds which can be dangerous to the environment.

This is where urgent innovative solutions are required to treat industrial wastewater effectively and protect the environment.

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with advanced industrial wastewater treatment solutions. Cleanmaxx contains a specialized concentrated community of microbes which boosts the aerobic treatment process by breaking down complex compounds.

Additionally, it helps in high BOD reduction through organic load degradation, promotes rapid biomass generation, and increases the efficiency of treatment systems.

Cleanmaxx can be used for Activated Sludge Processes, Sequence Bed Reactors, Lagoon Processes, Moving Bed Bioreactors, Membrane Bioreactors, Rotating Biological Contractors, and Fluidised Air Bed Reactors.

Use Cleanmaxx for aerobic treatment of industrial wastewater and protect water resources and the environment.

Post by Priyanka Khaire