5 Sources of Commercial Restroom Odours and How to Eliminate Them

An unpleasant odour is one of the most common restroom complaints in commercial spaces like restaurants, cafes, hotels, and offices.

More the people use the restroom, the more odour issues arise. A clean bathroom is necessary for good health and hygiene, and regular cleaning can help keep the restroom clean. However, it wouldn’t be enough to eliminate the bad odour in the restroom. 

Different obnoxious odours can be found in different areas of the restroom, so locating the source is critical to eliminating them.

To get rid of the odour, you may need to use a combination of solutions. The good news is that you can permanently eliminate and prevent commercial restroom odours by using organic cleaning products and toilet odour eliminators.

Find out the 5 sources of restroom odour and how to deal with them to combat unwanted odours in your commercial restroom.

  • Urine

Without a doubt, urine is one of the most common sources of odour in a commercial restroom. The restroom contains millions of odor-causing bacteria. Urine is a fantastic food source for bacteria. The intensity of the odour increases as the bacterial population feeds on different compounds in urine and grows.

All areas of the commercial restroom must be cleaned on a regular and effective basis using a toilet odour eliminator. Otherwise, urine deposits accumulate, resulting in foul odours.

Urine spills wreak havoc on multiple areas of the restroom, becoming major sources of odour. Learn more about them by reading on.

  • Restroom Walls

As the restroom occupants flush the toilet, there are chances that droplets of water and urine may contaminate washroom walls, multiple inaccessible corners, and other surfaces. Odour problems arise when bacteria settle on these surfaces, such as the commercial restroom wall.

  • Floors

Commercial restrooms are frequently used by a large number of people. It is common to find small droplets of urine on the floor. Furthermore, urine particles can spread on the floor via shoes.

However, when it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, the bad odour worsens. The odour problem will persist as long as urine particles remain between floor tiles. As a result, thorough cleaning of this source is critical.

  • Urinal Drains

Many commercial spaces have urinals in their restrooms. Organic waste deposits and uric acid can accumulate in drain lines as a result of continuous use and poor cleaning.

In addition, reverse gases from wastewater under the urinal drains or the floor/nahani trap can cause a bad odour in the restroom.

  • Washbasins, Faucets, and Toilet Bowl

When it comes to commercial restroom odours, washbasin, and faucets are frequently overlooked bathroom fixtures. It can, however, support a bacterial population.

Urine and urine deposits in the toilet bowl can also cause unpleasant odours. Although it is simple to detect a bad odour, locating its source is critical to eliminating it. 

Chemical cleaners should be avoided because they contain toxic substances and may cause indoor pollution. The overuse of chemical cleaning solutions in commercial spaces can result in allergic reactions and skin problems.

Furthermore, the chemical products pollute the environment. Instead, use organic cleaning products and toilet odour eliminators, which are made from plant-based ingredients and are safe for both humans and the environment. 

Organica Biotech is one of the leading providers of organic cleaning solutions for restrooms. The OB Care range consists of enzyme-based cleaners that are highly capable of degrading organic waste and digesting bacteria’s food source inside the restroom. The following are a variety of advanced cleaning solutions. They help in the elimination of all sources of bad odour in the restroom.

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Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator  It is a multipurpose cleaner and an efficient toilet odour eliminator that uses a unique enzymatic formulation to eliminate commercial restroom odours at their source. It cleans washroom walls, floors, washbasins and faucets, toilet bowls, and urinals effectively. It can also be easily sprayed in difficult-to-reach corners to combat odours.

Urinal Drain Cleaner – It contains special enzymes that degrade uric acid and organic waste deposits in drain lines while also assisting in the elimination of odour. It is also strongly advised to prevent reverse gases from urinal drains and nahani traps.

Flush-Free Urinal Spray – It degrades urine and urine deposits in urinals at the source, thereby controlling washroom odours. It also produces a pleasant fragrance. When this product is combined with Organica Biotech’s FlushFree Urinal Drain Cleaner, urinals can be converted to waterless urinals.

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